Mixed media
Evgenia Tsanana - Freeze Frames

Long-term project on breasts and gravity
Media: Videos, live performance, photographs, drawings
Final form: lecture-performance

Duration of project: 1996-2004 (project ended with breast reduction surgery)

Synopsis of the lecture:
An analysis on breasts and gravity based on subjective facts, concluding with some proposals on how breasts could be used in practical ways both for everyday life and art.

Quote from the introduction: 
"I will treat the breasts as neither symbolic nor erotic, not from a medical and hardly from an aesthetic point of view. I will rather treat them as the first thing I sense from them: as weight."

Way of performing:
I give the lecture sitting at a table, then standing, walking and gesticulating. 
To illustrate the content I use projections of videos and slides.
At the end I perform, together with a fellow musician, a piano piece for two hands and two breasts. 

Related videos (please contact me for password): 
Ganz oben / Up High: An ascent against gravity (2:10 min) 
In Farbe / In Color: A 3-minute painting process (3:06 min) 
Besame mucho: A piano piece for two hands and two breasts (4:17 min)

Performed in: 
→ Hochschule für bildende Künste | Hamburg, Germany | June 1998
→ Performance Index Festival | Basel, Switzerland | April 1999
→ Therapist Congress | Plön, Germany | June 2000

1: Photography by Judith Adam
2: Video-performance "In Color" | 3: Video-performance "Up High" | 4: Performance "Bessame mucho"
5-8: Drawings by Evgenia Tsanana