Participatory action
Evgenia Tsanana - Greetings to the Afterworld

Participatory action for remembering our beloved dead. 

When darkness falls, the memory of our dead gets louder, our beloved deceased come closer. 

I sit at a table outside. Participants tell me the names of their dead and think of a greeting, a wish, a message for them. I imprint all names with letters on pieces of wood.

At nightfall we gather, make a fire and burn those pieces of wood. Together with the smoke, we also let the greetings rise - quiet or outspoken.
Meanwhile we eat Kolliva, the traditional Greek food for the dead and drink spirits or water. 

A table with two chairs. 
A board to place the imprinted pieces of wood. 
A table for Kolliva, a bottle of alcohol, dishes, glasses. 
A fire bowl. 

Performed in: 
→ "NACHTSCHWIMMEN" ("Night swimming"), group exhibition KUNSTSTÜCKCHEN | Garlstorf, Germany | September 7, 2019

Photo credits: 1-5: Ivonne zum Felde | 6: Evgenia Tsanana