Stage performance

Hosting the Opening Celebration of the 27th Hamburg International Queer Film Festival.

I hosted the evening as my Alter Ego Prof. Dr. Adele Weiß, an emeritus professor for cosmology, ornithology and applied phenomenology. 

The festival's poster motif was a shoal of jellyfish and the festival's motto was "form gangs".
So besides announcing the festival's events, Adele Weiß included a number of stage incidents that focused on togetherness in matters of both social solidarity and culture. She illustrated those issues by drawing parallels with the elegance, the fragility, the effective defensibility and the swarming behaviour of jellyfish. 
In further scientific inserts she outlined her cosmology-inspired theory of shared viewing experiences as pulsating universes. In it she compared filmmaking with the creation of single universes which - when screened - disperse into numerous parallel universes in the perception of  the audience members. 

The evening started with the Jellyfish Dance, an international collaboration of creative queers. 

Performed in: 
Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany. October 18th, 2016. 

Photography: Eckhard Bühler