Stage performance
Evgenia Tsanana | Love is in the Air

An ornithological and mass-singing insert during the Opening Celebration of the 30th Hamburg International Queer Film Festival.

I performed as my Alter Ego Prof. Dr. Adele Weiß
As it has been the 30th anniversary celebration of the festival I developed a rather festive concept for a performance with audience participation. 

Adele Weiß entered the stage as if directly emerging out of the jsut screened Festival Push-Up Trailer in which she had played the main role. 
She referred to a sequence of the trailer, in which a group of ducks crosses the backgroung of the picture, and gave a short lecture on ducks, focusing on the characteristical group courting behaviour of common eider ducks. 
Underlining a parallel to the behaviour of many festival-visitors she asked the audience to perform together the calls of courting eider ducks. The audience responded gladly and created an amazing, huge sound. 

After that Adele Weiß asked the audience to fulfill a birthday wish of the festival team and sing together a song. As this wonderful festival is a community-based common effort of many passionate and dedicated volunteering people, the song title could not be other than "Love Is In The Air". 
850 people sang then together. 

Performed in: 
Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany. October 15th, 2019. 

Photography: 1-2: Eckhard Bühler | 3-4: Angela Gobelin