Stage performance
Evgenia Tsanana - Singung guy

A study on emotions and a particular gender stereotype. 

Background / Description:
The character of the Singing Guy was born in July 2009 on the occasion of a wedding party, in order to fulfill an old promise I had given to the bride: to perform as Elvis.
I figured out that it was difficult for me to embody Elvis's exuberant masculinity.
So I created a special costume which I can wear over my clothes, in order to come a bit closer to Elvis's glory. I always turn publicly into the Elvis-like Singing Guy by putting on the costume in front of the audience. 
It's like covering myself with a new layer of identity.

On various festive occasions in clubs, bars and other cultural venues in Hamburg, Germany. Since 2009. 

1-3: In the Nachtbar (Night Bar) of the 20th Hamburg International Queer Festival, 2009. Photography: Judith Adam
4: During a wedding party, Hamburg, 2014. Photography: Oliver Alegiani